Are you meant to be a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

                            Adaptable                                               Patient                   TeamPlayer                                           Communicative                         Strong Parenting Skills

                   Persistent                             Creative                                           Positive  

Ability to Set and Maintain Boundaries

These skills are especially necessary in cooperating with the child’s parents.  TFC places a tremendous amount of emphasis on shared parenting and works diligently to include the biological family in treatment. 

What is Therapeutic Foster Care(TFC)?

TFC provides an alternative living environment for children in crisis. Most of these children have experienced abuse and neglect and are coping with behavioral health diagnoses as a result of these circumstances.These children and adolescents, ages 5-17, are unable to function effectively in their home setting and require a higher level of trained care within a family environment.   

Our Primary Objectives:

  • Enable children to learn from their own experiences and to function at an age-appropriate level.
  • Provide a stable, nurturing environment where children can receive assistance with understanding and learning to cope with a mental health disorder.
  • Facilitate a child’s ability to be successful in a family unit and achieve a permanent placement, such as reunification with biological parents/caregivers, adoption, or independent living.

 Why foster with Appalachian Community Services?

ACS Provides

Weekly supervision                                Bi-monthly training/support meetings

Competitive compensation                      Respite care

24 hour emergency support                    Clinical and professional support  

We value personal relationship in promoting the emotional and physical well-being of children and families.

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