Sustained Recovery Group

Tuesday- 2:00 PM 

This is an open group for adults who have experienced challenges with substance abuse/dependence that have at least one month of recovery. Participants may start at any time by referral. Most people that have attempted recovery agree that stopping using is not that difficult; staying clean is the hard part. Participants learn how to maintain sobriety, identify needs, implement learned skills, and overcome barriers to long term abstinence. This weekly group covers 32 topics essential for sustained recovery. Participants may be referred by their therapist and begin the group at any point.

Macon County Group Schedule 

Partners in Parenting

Thursday- 1:00 PM 

This group is for parents who experience psychiatric symptoms or problems with substance abuse, who wish to improve parenting skills and family relationships. Participants learn how to raise children who are responsible, respectful, and well prepared for life. Participants work to overcome their own personal challenges and provide a healthy environment for their children. Participants are referred by a clinician.

DBT Skills Group

Wednesday- 2:00 PM

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is for adults who experience challenges with emotion regulation, suicidal thoughts and maintaining stable healthy relationships. Learn to accept yourself as you are, embrace positive change, develop healthy relationships, and change thinking patterns that lead to stress and suffering.  DBT helps people learn mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness. DBT will involve weekly sessions for up to one year, or until the participant has gained sufficient mastery over all content areas. Participants are referred by a clinician, and they may need an orientation session prior to starting the group.

Opportunities Group

Wednesday- 9:00 AM

For adults who find it difficult to engage in treatment, or those who may be new to services and wish to learn more. Identify and overcome barriers to recovery. Let us know what you need and how we can best serve you! Most participants will only attend Opportunities Group a short time before engaging in other services.

Overcoming Anxiety and Depression

Tuesday- 1:00 PM

Adults learn cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills to effectively control their thoughts and feelings. These powerful techniques help participants overcome depression, anxiety, and a wide range of other psychiatric symptoms.