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Our CARE Approach

As a leader in mental and behavioral health care, we understand that CARE is more than a service, it is an approach.  Successful CARE can only be accomplished if it is Coordinated, Appropriate, Responsive, and Effective.
CARE allows consumers and their families to succeed in treatment, and achieve long-lasting and meaningful results by focusing on the only things that matter:


Care coordination is the foundation for successful treatment by allowing everyone involved in the treatment process to work cooperatively.  ACS provides this coordination from the initial referral and through discharge. When ACS in involved, everyone is communicating, collaborating, and on the same page.


One service can’t meet the needs of everyone.  We are all different and, therefore, have different needs.  Care must be person-centered, and change in order to fit the individual needs of each consumer.  Care must be meaningful, creative, and flexible if long-term success is to be achieved.


One of the greatest obstacles we face in the pursuit of healing is timely access to appropriate services. When consumers and their families have needs, those needs usually cannot afford to wait. ACS is committed to initiating services quickly and being there for you whenever you need us


For care to be effective, it must achieve its intended result. At Appalachian Community Services, we monitor the progress toward your goals, and make changes to your service plan when necessary.  We also ensure that aftercare services are in place so that you may continue with your journey toward success when you are through with treatment. 

ACS is committed to CARE and has been working with agencies across western North Carolina who wish to have a positive impact on their communities.  CARE is an approach that serves consumers and professionals alike. Whether you are a child, an adult, a family, a professional or an agency, you can expect to receive the best CARE available.

Your CARE Starts Now!

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