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Care focused on the "whole-person."


What is Tailored Care Management?

Tailored Care Management is a new service offered at Appalachian Community Services.  With a focus on the "whole person,"
Tailored Care Management helps members
 manage all aspects of their healthcare needs, including behavioral health, physical health, pharmacy, and unmet health-related resource needs.

How Can Tailored Care Management Help?

Your Care Manager is your sole contact to coordinate and manage all of your

healthcare needs.


Receive individualized support and aid family/caregivers to address areas that may a

ffect health and well-being, such as finding appropriate resources for housing,

employment, food insecurity, and more.

Who is Eligible?
Eligible members with serious mental illness (SMI), serious emotional disturbance (SED),

severe substance use disorders (SUDs), I/DDs, and TBIs are eligible for Tailored Care


How Do I Enroll?

If you are eligible and haven’t selected a Care Management Agency, you were

automatically assigned to one.


If you are assigned to another Care Management Agency and want to switch to the ACS

Care Management Agency, contact your Local Management Entity/Managed Care

Organization (LME/MCO). Click here to find their contact information.

Choosing not to participate in Tailored Care Management is your right. If you choose not to participate, your care from ACS will not change.

For More Information

For more information about North Carolina’s Tailored Care Management initiatives, visit or call 833-870-5500.



Ashley Barber

Director of Care Management

"As the Director of Care Management, I'm excited to continue my focus and practice to ensure individuals and families are able to get quality care and treatment without delay."

To reach the Care Management Department at ACS, contact 1-888-722-4568
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