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Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Services

We're here to provide services and supports to individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in our community. 

Service Coordination

Work with individuals in establishing and working toward meeting his/her life goals. At Appalachian Community Services, the service coordinator will provide advocacy, service planning, referrals, evaluation, monitor and general coordination of services for all consumers. 

Community Services

Individuals will receive personalized and specific services to develop skills to function more independently. Training objectives such as personal hygiene, household upkeep, meal preparation and community integration can be utilized to ensure maximum inclusion in their community.

Respite Services

This allows natural families a break from daily responsibilities while ACS provides assistance, monitoring and oversight of the individuals health and safety. This service may be provided in the consumer's home or local community. 

Supported Employment

To increase financial independence, we partner with the Division of Rehabilitation Services to provide job coaching services. ACS assists individuals with obtaining employment and development training goals to perform duties. 


Residential Services

We currently support Six Group Homes to meet the specific needs of individuals.  Alternative Family Living services are available for individuals who benefit from a smaller structured family-like environment.

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