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Swain County

Our Office is located at: 

100 Teptal Terrace

Bryson City, NC 28713

Office Phone: 828-488-3294 

Fax: 828-488-0907

For billing questions, please call 804-433-3530 or email

Meet the Staff


Jessica "Bri" Cipriano

Western Clinic Manager

Bri was born and raised in the mountains of Western North Carolina, a proud citizen of Swain county most of her life. Bri obtained a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a proud alumna - go heels! After graduating UNC  Bri moved home and began a masters program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. It was important to Bri to give back to the community she was from, so after obtaining her education, she accepted a position with ACS and have been happily servicing her home community since. People are her passion and service is her calling. In addition to Bri's professional career she am a proud new mother to 5 month old, Isabella - a love which she didn’t know existed. She is also a dog mom to 4 adorable pups.


Nicole Chouinard

Manager of Evidence-Based Programs

Nicole joined ACS in 2015 and has held several roles since that time, including direct care and Child Services Coordinator. She has a heart for individuals with special needs and those with mental illness. Her passion for serving the diverse needs of our population largely is due to her own non-verbal, special-needs child.  Nicole believes that everyone has an equal voice, whether they can be heard or understood.  In her free time, Nicole enjoys being with her family and friends in Florida and NC and being an active cheerleader in the lives of her children. 

Director of Operations

Jessica Tewell |  828-837-0071 

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